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Swallow Hill Sports Injury & Physiotherapy Clinic - Helping You To Get Back On Your Feet

Swallow Hill Physiotherapy Clinic has been providing Physiotherapy treatment for the past 25years.

I am an experienced therapist who prides herself in providing excellent care in a professional setting.

Physiotherapy treatment starts with a detailed Initial assessment. This may take an hour depending on the complexity of your condition.


An assessment will involve questioning you about your condition, your lifestyle, hobbies & pass times as well as your occupation and medical history. This will be followed by a physical examination.

I will then discuss your diagnosis and prepare a treatment plan with you.


Physiotherapy Treatment uses many different techniques. Your treatment may include some of the following,

Joint mobilisation, massage, soft tissue techniques, exercises, postural correction, core stability, pilates, gait re-education and relaxation.


I believe that patient education is fundamental to success. Details of your condition and treatment will be explained so you are fully involved in your recovery.

Physiotherapy Session


"Fantastic physio. Was struggling with hamstring and quad which was affecting my running. 30 minute session and I felt like a new woman! Allowed me to run again with no issues. Would highly recommend."

Massage table at Swallow hill physiotherapy
waiting room at swallow hill physiotherapy


Looking for a professional Physiotherapist in the Bourne area? Get in touch with me today.


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