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Post-Surgery Rehabilitation To Maximise Recovery

Getting back on your feet following surgery can be a bit daunting. Working closely with a Physiotherapist will help to give you the confidence to work through your exercises and build up your strength. You will then be able to progress to gait re-education and functional activities.

Home visits can be arranged during the early stages and I will liaise closely with your Orthopaedic consultant to ensure you get the ongoing care you need. 

Person with Crutches


"Back in November I had a leg injury that meant I had not been able to train for a charity half marathon. I booked in with Swallow Hill clinic and had a course of intensive treatment. In March the following year, I ran that event without any aches, strains or pains due to Maria’s excellent treatment plan and sports injury experience. I highly recommend Swallow Hill clinic."


  • Manual therapy - restoring normal joint movement, soft tissue massage

  • Electro-therapy - Using electrical current to stimulate tissue healing e.g. Ultrasound, interferential

  • Exercise rehabilitation - specifically tailored to your needs

  • Muscle Imbalance and Core Stability - Restoring natural balance and symmetry

  • Gait re-education


  • Knee replacement

  • Hip replacement

  • Ligament reconstruction.

  • Spinal decompression/fusion.

  • Fractures.


If you would like to discuss your planned surgery beforehand please get in touch.

I like to meet patients before their operation so we can plan ahead and talk through the Physiotherapy treatment. This will help to put your mind at rest and prepare you for when you come out of hospital.  


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