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Swallow Hill Sports Injury Clinic

Seeking advice quickly and getting your injury assessed is vital for a good recovery.

I aim to see patients within 3-4 days of injury where possible.


I have a keen interest in treating sports injuries, whether you are a couch to 5k runner or a professional rugby player.

Getting a diagnosis and the right advice quickly is the key to success.

A detailed assessment is essential to Identify the root of the problem so we don’t just treat the symptoms. Injuries can occur from poor technique, inappropriate footwear, over training & muscle imbalance to name just a few.

I work closely with a Podiatrist and a number of Orthopaedic surgeons who also work in this field so I can refer you on for specialist treatment if necessary.


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Sports Injury Treatment

Your treatment may include, Gait analysis, Core stability and muscle imbalance assessment, Soft tissue techniques, joint mobilisation, training programmes and advice, strengthening regimes as well as traditional ice and rest.

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"I am very grateful to Maria Cox for her excellent support and professional care following an acute hamstring injury. Maria’s immediate treatment and advice helped me to be able to undertake a major charity bike ride within 10 days of sustaining the injury. Thanks so much Maria"


Please contact me if you need further help or advice regarding a Sport’s injury.


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